And Now, A Brief Word on Nazis and Confederates.

You cannot yell fire in a theater. You cannot threaten my life specifically. Doing these things in public are not protected by free speech, and there is a reason for that.

Also, sunlight is the best disinfectant, and the best way to expose a fuckwit’s opinion is to allow it to be spoken.

Yet there is no branch of Nazism that does not, inherently, in its expression, advocate for the direct overthrow of the United States and the murder of all we stand for. Its proponents declared war on us, killed us by the tens of thousands, and in case anyone forgot, murdered millions of people in their own country and represent killing the other on a scale unpardonable and unfathomable.

The Confederate United States did not ever serve in any legitimate authoritarian capacity, was always a failed state propped up by rebellious actors, and served both slavery and, again, advocacy for the direct overthrow of the United States and the murder of all we stand for.

They murdered our president, enslaved people of other races, and nearly destroyed this country. There are people alive today whose grandfathers faced those fuckers.

There are people alive today the Nazis tried to kill in their attempt to defeat and dominate the United States and the world.

In case you’re an idiot, that means KILL US ALL.

These forms of expression, then, are direct threats to every American life. They are not simply opinions. Entailed within them are the explicit desire to kill me, specifically, and kill you, specifically, if you are American. And there is nowhere in America you can call yourself a Nazi and not be threatening the life of everyone who lives here. Period.

They are yelling fire in a theater. They are threatening me directly and personally, as an American.

Neither organization, unlike the KKK, which is vile, has ever existed without one of their direct primary goals being the end of the United States.

You don’t end a nation without killing it and enslaving it.

This is not an idealogical battle, or they’d call themselves another name with a descriptor as fascist authoritarians. It isn’t about ideas. Being a fascist authoritarian is a fucking opinion. A garbage one, but it does not ENTAIL, directly, a threat to my life. Such a distinction is beyond them, and always will be, because this is not about expression, this is not about what they really believe. They are not fighting for a Nazi newspaper. They are gathering with torches in squares and now KILLING PEOPLE.

And get the fuck out with “But Hillary…” and “But the Antifascists…” That’s a tu quoque. Go look it up, if you can read. What other people did means nothing in evaluating your actions. A Nazi being a Nazi is still a fucking Nazi even if an Antifascist poked one of them in the eye or even killed ten of them. An Antifascist does not want the violent overthrow of the United States and is not an imminent direct threat to me personally. Or my son.

This is about a bunch of white guys who used to be able to oppress without mitigation making you feel like they will kill you so you will not fight what they want, and they know that Nazism and Confederacy scares people the most, so they’re clinging to that banner. That is not expression. That is organized terrorism. That is a clear and present, direct threat, whether our shitstain moron of a president realizes it and mentions it publicly or not.

Notably, this is a threat that almost REQUIRES a physically violent response. There is an argument that the antifascists are simply acting in defense of their lives if they brutalize or even kill a Nazi. Yes, you can punch a Nazi, and though the law may call it simple assault, I call it self-defense.

I don’t care if the law agrees with me. I don’t care if you’d rather turn the other cheek while someone destroys my child’s society.

If any of you Nazi fucks come near me or are in my presence, I may go to jail, but I will do everything I can to harm you.

I don’t give a fuck if you like that.

I don’t give a fuck if Nazis think it’s fair.

I don’t give a fuck if Confederates think it’s fair.

If this stance bothers you, you can go ahead and fuck right off. Unfriend me. Don’t buy my shit. Do not support me. Do not call upon me. I do not need you.

I refute fascists and everything they stand for, and I would rather die broke and alone fighting them than be their victims.

Shame on you if you do not feel the same.