Back in 2010, I had a little idea for a comic book about a guy named Charlie Everett who went from world to world stopping his own suicide. That idea became a script, the story got wider and broader, involving a whole team of Charlies, and before I knew it I had a series and a bunch of pitches that I sent to all of the major comic book companies that took submissions at the time.

They passed.

I believed in the idea all the same, more than almost anything I’d written until that point, and so, at my own expense, I cultivated and created a comic from scratch with the aid of artist Dexter Wee. The book received critical acclaim, blew through four Kickstarters with relative ease (the relative part being the work, as anyone who’s done one will tell you), and now, eight hundred forty-seven pages later, the story is finished.

I am proud of this work, and if you would like to purchase it physically or digitally, you should do so, right here!