Over the years I’ve done all kinds of things, and this is a list of the most recent/more prominent. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but for the most part, if you’re looking for my work, this is what you’ll be able to find.

Order is present to past. If you would like to purchase available copies of a thing, please visit the shop.



Lazarus Sourcebook #3: Vassalovka (forthcoming, February 21, 2018)

-a glimpse into the world of Lazarus, through the eyes of Family Vassalovka


Lazarus X+66 #3: Joe and Bobbie

-one-shot set in a series of six one-shots detailing a year in the Lazarus universe (art by Justin Greenwood)


The Domain (forthcoming, August 2017)

-ongoing series (art by Dexter Wee)


The Pandemonium Skein (forthcoming)

-ongoing series (art by Alessandro Gianna)


Lazarus Sourcebook #2: Hock

-a glimpse into the world of Lazarus, through the eyes of Hock


One Day We’ll Laugh

-ongoing experimental comic (art by Jordan Peters, written as Scott Treadwell)


Cura Te Ipsum

-847 page independent comic told in five “year” volumes, self-produced (art by Dexter Wee)


Outlaw Territory, Volume Three

-West of Eden (short, art by James Reekie)

-Tolliver’s Folly (short, art by Dustin D’Arnault)


Bizarre New World

-Carte Blanche (short, art by Rick Leonardi)

– The Third Anabaptist Church of Divine Flight (short, art by Connor Willumsen)


The Anti-War Museum of Tuscaloosa, Alabama (hopscotch SunDAY, artist)

-one-shot horror story, initially for Creator’s Edge press (art by hopskotch SunDAY)



Muscle and Blood (2017)

-The first Hal Taylor mystery



Smallville Magazine

-“Project Solomon” short story introducing Solomon Grundy to the Smallville universe (issue 22)

-“Beyond Smallvile” feature, analyzing present comic runs and their links to the show (issues 25-32)


-Batman and Superman articles for DC Classics Figuring edition (issues 1 and 2)