New Short Stories!

Today I’m happy to release two new short stories, Security, and Off Leash. You can find them in the new “stories” section of the website, with links to many formats! I have also updated Muscle and Blood and Glory with links to all five major formats, if Amazon is not your thing!

Domain Preview, and Updated Site!

To celebrate the finish of The Domain’s first arc, “Orphan of Cheroxe,” I am offering people who haven’t read it a chance to try the comic. Please enjoy the full first issue, with our compliments.If you enjoy it, consider contributing to our Patreon! Arc 2, “Mona Lisa Smile,” starts soon! -N

Glory is LIVE

Hey, all! At long last, it’s time to get your hands on my new book,¬†Glory. We need all the help we can get, so if you’re willing, head on over to our Kickstarter now, and tell everyone you can. Thanks in advance! Neal  

The Domain #2!

Hey there! Long time no see. Don’t worry, there’s more coming. I am proud to present the second issue of The Domain, now¬†available through our Patreon. Things get nuts, some bad stuff happens, and a lot of what Austra has believed her entire life comes into question. At risk of sounding like public radio, independent […]

I Have New Stuffs

It’s been relatively quiet on the communication front for a few reasons, all good. 1) I finished the draft of my longest, craziest, most ambitious novel, and am now furiously editing said book. 2) Dex and I are hard at work on Domain #2. 3) I spent a lot of time figuring out and fulfilling […]