Welcome back to NealBailey.com!

Welcome to the new, improved nealbailey.com!

This site has existed in some form since 2000. Back in 2011, I redirected it for a while toward Cura Te Ipsum, because that comic became the all-encompassing focus of my web presence, but now that I have a few more things out there I can ideally sell you or interest you in, I figured it important to start developing this site again.

Beyond that, I’m sick of Twitter. I’m sick of Facebook. I want a place where I can go and write a thing that looks like an essay now and again and not have to deal with either of those sites. Rants may appear, now and again, infrequently, but mainly this’ll be a place where you can find out what I’m doing and where it will come out.

To that end, I’ll start with talking about a few forthcoming and recently released items of some note:

THING ONE: Lazarus: Hock.

If you’re not reading Greg Rucka’s Lazarus, I pity you. I’ve been, since the beginning, and it’s the most forward thinking piece of fiction I know of in comics presently. The book takes intermittent breaks, and in those breaks, several sourcebooks for the families involved appear. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the writing of the second, featuring the rather dangerously evil Hock, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It published in May, but it’s so thick with content, you could have started then and still be reading it now. Highly recommended, and it’ll prepare you well for something else awesome coming soon….


THING TWO: Lazarus X+66 #3: Joe and Bobbie

In just about a month and a half, on September 27th, a book I had the privilege of co-writing with Greg Rucka drops, the third in a series of books exploring a number of the characters in Lazarus that, for whatever reason, do not get as much screen time but are extraordinarily compelling. I got to work on Joe and Bobbie and their life in San Francisco, a story of rags to riches that shows the complications of serfdom in the Lazarus universe. It’s a blast, and it was a hell of a lot of fun to work on.



My collaborator on Cura Te Ipsum and I are hard at work on our follow-up, our first color book, a story of a future after humanity reaches the farthest stars, but before we realize how to properly treat each other. My elevator pitch is that it’s the story of what would happen if humanity thought they lived in the Star Trek universe, but someone found out they lived in the Star Wars universe, and what that would mean. The first issue is set to drop on August 30th, exclusively on Patreon, assuming we do not have a print publisher partner by then. If we do, check this space for details.

Things are in pretty constant flux, but I’ll definitely be noting things here as they come along. Welcome, don’t bother taking your shoes off, and feel free to just read quietly over in the corner. It’s my place. No need to be nervous.